Accounts and Payments

ProCredit Bank provides full banking services to Bulgarian and foreign companies, several types of company accounts are available in BGN and in foreign currencies. Our real-time system allows you to access your accounts from any of our branches – regardless of where the accounts are held.

  • ProCredit Bank offers a wide range of business accounts with simple, transparent conditions. They offer a safe and reliable way for very small, small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct financial transactions with customers and suppliers – and can help earn money for the company with stable interest rates.

  • ProCredit Bank uses a system, which provides you with immediate access to your accounts and the funds in them from all branches of the bank, regardless of where they have been opened.

  • ProCredit Bank issues letters of credit and all types of guarantees in local and foreign currency in favour of beneficiaries in and out of the country and in local and foreign currency in compliance with the effective Bulgarian legislation, the respective uniform rules and the international banking practice in this area.