Click-to-Call is a ProCredit Bank online service which connects you with the Phone or Internet Banking team through our website or ProB@nking. Click-to-Call conversations are free of charge. You can connect quickly and easily at any time and place convenient to you – all you need is Internet access. Click-to-call is only an information service; it is not possible to perform financial transactions.

Minimal requirements
You can make a call through the website if you use one of the following browsers:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Opera. Your PC needs to have a sound card, a head set and a microphone. The software will automatically install if you follow the steps described here.

Free of charge
Calls with the c2c service are made over the Internet and are free!

Click-to-Call is a service which only provides information – it is not possible to make banking transactions. In order to warrant the security of its clients, ProCredit Bank records all calls.

How to use Click-to-Call

In order the service you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed. Download it form here.

Right after clicking on “Click-to-Call” depending on your browser you may receive the following messages: 

Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer


window 1 - that is the web interface of Click-to-Call


window 2Window 2 is to confirm use of a Java applet to initiate the call. If you wish to confirm upload of this applet each time you call you should click on “Run”. Alternatively you can check “Always trust content from this publisher” and then click on “Run” – the applet will then run automatically when you use it in the future. Regardless of your choice in window 2, window 1 will always require you to click on “Call” to make the connection.