Do you know the bank you save with?

Many factors influence your decision on which bank to choose for your savings: interest rate, transparency, competent staff, a friend’s recommendation.


Do you know the bank you save with?

We believe it is important that you know the bank you save money with – who its clients are and what its lending policy is, because when you place your savings in a bank you are supporting the way it does business.

Do you know who its clients are?

The local  small and medium business - the engine of the Bulgarian economy. For private clients, the accent is put on savings, housing loans and investments in home energy-efficiency measures. More >

Who are we?

ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) is part of the ProCredit group, managed by Germany-based ProCredit Holding. ProCredit Holding’s shareholders are public and private institutions.
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If you are sure you will not need to withdraw your savings.