Internet Banking

ProB@nking is the online banking system of ProCredit Bank and it allows secure access to your bank accounts and loans. With ProB@nking you can make payments in local and foreign currency any time from any location with Internet connectivity.

You can receive up-to-date information about:

  • your accounts balance;
  • account movements and statements;
  • repayment schedule, interest rate, fees, outstanding amount and other information about your loans;
  • Your deposit and FlexSave accounts - amount, term, interest rate, maturity date and ect.
  • important notifications from the bank.

You can manage the funds on your accounts:

  • you can order all kinds of transfers in local and foreign currency;
  • exchange currency;
  • effect mass payments - payroll, payments to suppliers and to the budget by using a ready-made file;
  • send various types of documents to the bank - applications, declarations etc.;
  • opening of deposit and FlexSave accounts;
  • file applications for cash withdrawals;
  • opening of current, deposit and saving accounts.

Security – ProB@nking is a system which provides maximum protection for your finances. Access to the system is granted upon entering a username and password. All documents are sent to the bank by entering a one-off 6-digit ТАN code*. Every user receives a list with TAN codes on paper in a sealed enevelope.

* a unique, a one-off code, used for authorising online transactions.

Speed – you save time by contacting the bank online.

Convenience – ProB@nking can be used from any computer with an internet connection, without the need for special certification. You can receive up-to-date information about your accounts, balance and movements and you can exercise real-time control. Without leaving your home or office, you have secure, fast access the main payment documents.

Lower costs – there are no registration or maintenance fees for this service. Charges for ProB@nking transactions made online are considerably lower than those for regular transactions made in a bank branch.

Control - the varied, well-structured access rights enable you to set the access level for your employees to view bank information and transactions in accordance with their position or your preferences.

The fees and commissions for payments via ProB@nking are significantly lower than those performed in a bank branch (on a paper form).


Operations in BGN
Interbank non-cash transfer through BISERA BGN 0.40 - 0.75*
Interbank non-cash transfer through RINGS BGN 10
To the state fiscal authorities (budget) (multiple transfer order) BGN 2
Intrabank transfer between ProCredit Bank clients free of charge
Intrabank transfers between accounts of the same clients free of charge
Operations in foreign currency
SEPA transfers EUR 5
NON-SEPA transfers with a TOM value date

EUR 10

NON-SEPA transfers with an express value date EUR 25
Outgoing transfer through ProPay EUR 2.5
Intrabank transfers between ProCredit Bank clients free of charge
Intrabank transfers between accounts of the same clients free of charge
Giving of a SWIFT message /debit advice free of charge



  • BGN 0.40 for completion of 50 or more transfers in the previous calendar month;
  • BGN 0.50 for completion of 20 to 49 transfers in the previous calendar month;
  • BGN 0.75 for completion up to 19 transfers in the previous calendar month.