The loans available to private clients  at ProCredit Bank are issued based on the bank’s mission to offer straightforward banking services, thereby taking clients’ financial possibilities and specific  needs into consideration. In line with this approach, the bank offers reliable housing and consumer loans, as well as consumer overdraft facilities to private clients under competitive conditions and clear terms. Our banking experts are always available to answer your questions and to assist you in planning your household budget. The professional advice offered by our advisers makes it easier to choose the most appropriate loan for you and your household needs.

  • If you need funds to provide a home for you and your family, to build a home or to purchase a separate home for your children, the “New Home” loan is the right choice for you.

  • Energy efficiency loans from ProCredit Bank are tied loans for private clients, granted for home repairs and investments made in energy efficient technologies aiming to improve household energy efficiency and reduce expenses ...

  • We at ProCredit Bank believe that the environment is well worth investing in. For this reason, we encourage all measures for improving energy efficiency at home as well as at the workplace.                                                 

  • ProCredit Bank, in line with its responsible approach to lending, offers consumer loans to private clients, taking into consideration the borrower’s specific needs.

  • In addition to consumer and housing loans, ProCredit Bank offers its private clients overdraft facilities, thus giving them a flexible financial solution in case of a need of additional funds before forthcoming payment of remuneration.