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In addition to loans, deposits, bank cards and payments, ProCredit Bank offers other banking services that facilitate banking of private clients. The bank issues bank certificates and references for various reasons such as to prove financial stability, when applying for education abroad, when used to certify bank loans and guarantees, confirm cash available and account balances.

Bank certificates and references may be issued for various reasons such as proving financial stability, when applying for education abroad, confirm cash available and account balances depending on each individual case.
ProCredit Bank can issue certificates and references in either Bulgarian or English, depending on your requirements.


To have your certificate or reference prepared: 


All of our outlets are fully equipped with 24 Zones, which provide our clients with access to a comprehensive range of modern banking services in line the best European banking practices. Our convenient 24/7 Zones enable our clients to take advantage of the most frequently used banking services anytime - even outside of business hours. A range of automated machines make it possible for our clients to make deposits and withdrawals, print statements, make payments at any time with ProB@nking and contact our Call Centre.

The self-service areas are open 24/7 and are accessible using a bank card.

Over the counter cash transactions can only be conducted at the following outlets:

  • Sofia, 26 Todor Aleksandov Str.
  • Plovdiv, 25 Maria Luiza Blvd.
  • Burgas, Transportna str.
  • Varna, 31 Yan Hunyadi Str.


The following currencies are accepted at the above outlets: BGN, EUR, USD.

Please see the Bank's price list for applicable fees.

Transactions in EUR and USD are conducted at the following outlets solely for clients of ProCredit Bank:

  • Sofia, 26 Todor Aleksandrov Blvd.
  • Plovdiv, 2 Krakra str.
  • Burgas, Transportna str.
  • Varna, 10 Yan Palach str. 


Please see the  Bank's price list for applicable fees.

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