Interest Bulletin

Interest bulletin for Loans

Loans for small Businesses and Agriculture

Amount Interest Rates
up to 150 000 EUR from 5.5%
up to 250 000 EUR from 5.0%
over 250 000 EUR upon agreement

All interest rates are annual and accrued on basis 365/360 days.

Credit card for business clients

Credit card (BGN/EUR) 17.00%
Credit card with cash collateral (BGN/EUR) 10.00%


Interest bulletin for Deposits and Accounts

Annual interest rate for FlexSave account

Currency Interest Rate
BGN / EUR 0.00%

Annual interest rates for Standard Term Deposits

Currency Min. amount 12 months
BGN/EUR/USD 10 000 0.00%


* In case of prematurity withdrawal – fee in accordance with the Tariff for Legal Entities 

Current account (for all currencies) - Interest rate - 0%.

*All interest rates are annual and accrued on basis 365/360 days.

*The following items are negotiated individually:

  • Interest rates for companies with balance more than EUR 100 000 on their accounts (current accounts/deposits/FlexSave).
  • Deposit terms and conditions for financial institutions

*For clients with savings and no current account, after 01.01.2018 on maturity date, the deposited funds will start accruing interest at an interest rate of 0%.

*Fee for storage of funds on current and FlexSave accounts for clients with a total daily balance above BGN 3 million - 0.5% per annum.