Business Loans

Business loans

ProCredit Bank is a full-service bank focused on small and medium-sized enterprises working mainly in the production, trade and agricultural sectors.

Our business lending is based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on in-depth financial analysis. This responsible approach to banking allows us to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust.

The knowledge of our clients and their financial needs is of the utmost importance, which is why we assign you a client adviser who is responsible for understanding your business and the challenges which you face. With this information, your client adviser is able to offer you financial services adapted specifically to your needs.


Our lending activities are focused on small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of  the production, trade and service industries. If your business needs financial support and you need a professional consultancy, our experts at ProCredit Bank are able to answer your questions about the funding for your business.. They will make every effort to understand the specificities of your business and to offer you the most relevant credit solution.

ProCredit Bank offers:

  • Various credit solutions and full range of banking services
  • Personalised professional consultancy
  • Long-term partnerships and loyal relations
  • Reliable financial services
Types of loans
Mandatory market experience
  • 1 agricultural year for agricultural producers
  • 6 months for all other activities
Loan term
  • Up to 36 months for working capital
  • Up to 60 months for overdrafts and credit lines
  • Up to 180 months for investments
Grace period Up to 6 months
Interest rate and fees See the Interest Rate Bulletin and the  bank’s price list



Pledge on movable assets, including:

  • transportation vehicles
  • commercial and production equipment
  • subsidies

Mortgage on real estate, including:

  • residential buildings
  • administrative, commercial, production and warehouse buildings
  • agricultural land, land in regulation

Types of business loans

ProCredit Bank offers flexible loans adapted specifically to your business needs and future plans. Contact us if you need working capital requirements or  financing of specific investment. You have the opportunity to choose between repayment in equal or in seasonal payments. Our client advisors are able to recommend the most relevant solution for your business and will prepare for you an individual amortization table.  

Instalment loan

The absorption of loan is one-time and  the repayment is according to a plan.  

Green Investment Loan

Green Investment Loan is our way to support the efforts of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of creating eco-orientated and socially responsible business.

Overdraft and credit line

In periodic need of working capital requirements, you have opportunity to take advantage of our Overdraft or Credit line.  

EU programme loans

EU programme loans aim to provide small and medium enterprises easier access to financing in order to increase their competitiveness in the market.

Loans to agricultural producers

The agricultural business requires a specific approach adapted to the terms and the seasonality of the business.

Framework agreement

By signing a long-term framework agreement, you will have a specified limit, which is available to you for up to 120 months without limiting you to any particular type of loan.

EcoMobility Loan

At ProCredit Bank, we consider that the environment is well worth investment. Therefore, we encourage all measures for improving the energy efficiency.

Loan for photovoltaic installation

ProCredit Bank provides the opportunity to finance a photovoltaic power station which save carbon emissions and reduce your costs of electricity.

How to apply for loan?

Your steps:

  • Contact our call centre at 0700 1 70 70 or complete our contact form and we will call you back.
  • Discuss the financing you would like to receive with our client advisers.
  • Submit a  Loan application form and provide the required documents.
  • Tell us about your business.
  • We will respond within the time period indicated.


Application documents:

  • Completed  Loan application form
  • Copy of the business owner’s personal identification card
  • Copy of the company’s tax declaration, balance sheet and income statement
  • Documentation regarding the collateral presented